Toasting Time .Which one 1~5 ?.1& TOASTS FOREVER:Especially sunday sourdoug…

Toasting Time 😵🤫
Which one 1~5 ?
Especially sunday sourdough done prosciutto-style, and layered with a creamy schmear of tangy goat cheese, organic arugula, cracked black pepper, hemp seeds, fresh dill + a nice drizzle of olive oil on top 💫

done smoked salmon-style, with smooth almond cream cheese, cracked black pepper, dill (always), and fresh lemon zest to keep things bright. all on top warm, crispy-edged slices of paleo bread 💪

3️⃣2 slices of toasted rosemary paleo bread with all the goods:
first has herbed almond cream cheese, heirlooms, black pepper & lemon-thyme and the second slice is covered with organic avo, plus sprinkles of pumpkin seeds, dill & sesame seeds. both finished with olive oil and sea salt 🔥

4️⃣Currently craving this duo layered with creamy greek yogurt, crisp cucumbers… and topped with toasted sesame, dill, a dreamy drizzle of olive oil, plus crunchy, flaky salt on top 👌

5️⃣2 slices of warm, cinnaspice paleo bread loaded with soft scrambled eggs cooked in ghee, and finished with fresh dill, cracked black pepper + flaky sea salt. ✨ a little bit of sweet and savory in every bite plus a whole lot of delicious 🤤

✓By @hannah.guthman 🖤

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