QOTD: Have you ever ever been stung by a bee? 🤔🐝

Bag 🐝 Obbey 🐝 Encourage

This e book became once very confusing for me. I chose to be taught it purely thanks to synopsis where I believed this e book will be some form of dystopian recent and beehive will be simplest inspiration for the society to plan. It looks this recent is about the bees. Merely as that.

The general time I kept thinking the The Bee Movie which became once now not very generous to win into the e book. I will be able to also look all of the for the time being humanity issues raised through the beehive existence, which became once in actuality without a doubt attention-grabbing, nonetheless it unruffled didn’t hit the quandary for me. I wish to be taught now more about the speak bee existence , where the bees would now not talk 😂 form you are going to fill any honest appropriate non fiction suggestions?

My hubby 🧔 made up our minds to DNF this e book after 80 pages.


3 bees out of 5 from 👩🏻‍🦰

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