My title in book titles scenario 📚

Thank you for tagging me @real_mother_booker into this real scenario!💖

I – Invitation to a bonfire

N – Nevernight

G – Godsgrave

R – the Rosie pause

I – I quit somewhere

D – Deeplight

My title is no longer any longer that customary in books and simplest few instances I even bear spotted it and in no scheme as protagonist 😂

Enact you perceive any books where Ingrid may perchance well be the fundamental persona? 🤔

Also I even bear noticed if I may perchance maybe bear Darkdawn I may perchance well match total trilogy into my title!! How frosty is that?? 🤯😱

I even bear tagged few of you to want part too, but all americans is invited to offer it a lunge! 😉


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